Welcome to the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics!  We are excited to help you make the most out of your experience here.  Contact us stopping by, calling or emailing to make an advising appointment.  Our goal is to help you successfully reach your goals, but we need you to come prepared.  Bring your questions, list of classes you plan to take and any other relevant materials to your meeting.


Melanie Calderwood
Academic Success Coordinator
Clark B339
(970) 491-6132

Advising Focus:
All online students and on-campus students,
last names P-Z

Katie Hartmann 
Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs
Clark B338
(970) 491-7307

Advising Focus:
On-campus students, last names A-O

Advising/Mentoring Engagement

Melanie or Katie will be your academic advisor and help you develop firm footing as you begin your university career. During your time at CSU, they will help you register, make sure you are on track to graduate and answer any questions you have about how to be successful as a major or minor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics.  To learn more about our advisors, please click here.

During your sophomore year, or first year at CSU if you are a transfer student, we will survey your interests/career goals. Faculty members have indicated their expertise in each of the surveyed areas as well. You will be matched with a faculty member who has expertise in the areas you are interested in. This faculty member will serve as your mentor, helping you further develop academic and career successes. It is your responsibility as a student to take advantage of this facilitated mentoring relationship.

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