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Graduate Students

Doctor of Philosophy Candidates (Ph.D.)

Ahmed, FarjanaFarjana.Ahmed@colostate.eduClark C365
Almaamari, Aaisha Saleh
Clark C308
Baishya, Pratiksha
Clark C308
Blumberg, Joseph
Clark C308
Chen, Wenjie
Clark C308
Dara, PutriPutri.Dara@colostate.eduClark C365
Dimke, ChristineChristine.Dimke@colostate.eduClark C365
Gao, Siwei
Clark C308
Ghazaryan, ArmenArmen.Ghazaryan@colostate.eduClark C365
Kashyap, Pratyoosh
Clark C308
Kishore, SiddharthSiddharth.Kishore@colostate.eduClark C365
Lurbe, SalvadorSalvador.Lurbe@colostate.eduClark C365
Mendis, Clark C365
Mulungu, KelvinKelvin.Mulungu@colostate.eduClark C365
Palardy, NathanNathan.Palardy@colostate.eduClark C365
Shartaj, MostafaMostafa.Shartaj@colostate.eduClark C365
Sheng, DiDi.Sheng@colostate.eduClark C365
Wang, DuoyuDuoyu.Wang@colostate.eduClark C308
Wang, MingMing.Wang@colostate.eduClark C308
Yu, ShuiqinShuiqin.Yu@colostate.eduClark C365
Zhou, SiwenSiwen.Zhou@colostate.eduClark C365

Master of Science Candidates (M.S.)

Edmondson, Hailey
Clark C308
Gilmore, Regan Emily
Clark C308
Clark C308
Clark C308
Clark C308
Love, ErinErin.Love@colostate.eduClark C365
Norris, CarolineCaroline.Conley@colostate.eduClark C365
Rollison, MilesMiles.Rollison@rams.colostate.eduClark C365
Clark C308
Wrigley, Adam Paul

Clark C308
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