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B303 Clark Building
(970) 491-2836

Bayham, Jude

Assistant Professor

Wildfire Economics, Economic Epidemiology, Natural Capital, Environmental Economics, Natural Resource Economics

B337 Clark Building
(970) 491-5627

Berning, Joshua

Associate Professor

Food marketing, Consumer demand, Consumer health outcomes

B327 Clark Building
(970) 491-5543

Bonanno, Alessandro

Associate Professor

Applied Industrial Organization, Food Marketing, Economics of Food Retailing, Economics and Policy of Food and Health

B311 Clark Building
(970) 491-6951

Burkhardt, Jesse

Assistant Professor

Environment and Natural Resources Economics, Energy Economics, Industrial Organization

B316 Clark Building
(970) 491-2233

Chouinard, Hayley

Department Head

Consumer demand for food products, Impact of nutrition information on consumer food choices and health outcomes, Natural resource access and use, Market structure issues in agriculture

CoBank Building for Agricultural Education
(970) 491-3930

Clark, Nathan

Senior Instructor

Agricultural Education

B332 Clark Building
(970) 491-6946

Cleary, Rebecca

Assistant Professor

Food & health economics, food policy, empirical industrial organization, consumer demand, food system economics

B326 Clark Building
(970) 491-6948

Costanigro, Marco


Applied Econometrics, Agricultural Marketing and Industrial Organization, Food Economics, Food Labeling and Policy, Consumer Behavior, Economics of Information

B29 Clark Building
(970) 491-3299

Countryman, Amanda

Associate Professor

International Trade, Agribusiness, Trade and the Environment

(970) 222-5657

Dalsted, Norman


 Costs of production related to crops, vegetables, fruit, and livestock throughout Colorado, Estate planning and financial analyses to include bankruptcy, particularly Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 reorganizations

B334 Clark Building
(970) 491-0678

Enns, Kellie

Associate Professor

 Agricultural Education

B331 Clark Building
(970) 491-6071

Frasier, W. Marshall

Chair of the Undergraduate Program

Interface between agricultural production and the natural resource, Water allocation and Water quality, Livestock and grazing management 

B312 Clark Building
(970) 491-7261

Goemans, Christopher

Chair of the Graduate Program
Associate Professor

Allocation and management of scarce resources,  specifically water

B306 Clark Building
(970) 491-4028

Graff, Gregory


Policy and economics of scientific research, technological innovation, and entrepreneurship

B305 Clark Building
(970) 491-3577

Hill, Alexandra

Assistant Professor

Agricultural labor, economic productivity, agricultural business management, and applied industrial organization

B330 Clark Building
(970) 491-5549

Hoag, Dana


How to analyze and make decisions about issues where agriculture and the environment collide

B325 Clark Building
(970) 491-6133

Jablonski, Becca B.R.

Assistant Professor

Assessing the impacts of food system initiatives and strengthened rural-urban linkages to farmers, supply chain participants, and rural/regional economies

B324 Clark Building
(970) 491-7032

Koontz, Stephen


 Commercial commodity agricultural markets of significance in Colorado

B313 Clark Building
(970) 491-0887

Kroll, Stephan


Institutional and behavioral components of decision-making, with emphasis on environmental, resource and agricultural topics


(970) 226-4052

Loomis, John


Economic valuation of non-marketed natural resources

B304 Clark Building
(970) 491-5706

Manning, Dale

Associate Professor

Use of econometrics and optimization tools to understand the use and value of natural resources

B333 Clark Building
(970) 491-6949

Martin, Michael

Associate Professor

 Role and influence of culture in agricultural education

B308 Clark Building
(970) 491-4180

Mooney, Daniel

Assistant Professor

Household, farm, and firm-level decision-making, Agricultural business management, Production and supply analysis, Technology evaluation and impact assessment, Agriculture, resources, and the environment

B315 Clark Building
(970) 491-5540

Perry, Gregory


Farm management

B3309 Clark Building
(970) 491-7071

Seidl, Andrew

Associate Department Head


Natural resource-based economic development

B314 Clark Building
(970) 491-2589

Suter, Jordan

Associate Professor

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Water Resource Management, Land Use Policy

B310 Clark Building
(970) 491-7220

Thilmany, Dawn

Assoc Director, Office of Community and Economic Development
Outreach Coordinator
Extension Economist-Labor and Agribusiness Management

Agribusiness Management, Agricultural Marketing and Regional Economics, Food System Economics, Consumer Behavior, Supply Chain Innovations (Local, Organic and Value-Added Foods), Rural Development


Bauman, Allison

Research Scientist I

Campbell, Holli


B307 Clark Building
(970) 491-6959

Haefele, Michelle

Research Scientist/Scholar II

B307 Clark Building
(970) 491-7119

Hill, Rebecca

Research Scientist/Scholar II

Levi, Jordan


Riley, Kathie


Watson, Dessa


Agricultural Education


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