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Academic Success Coordinator

Aubriel Jones
Coordinator of Undergraduate Success

Advising Focus:
All DARE students.

B338 Clark Building

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Aubriel Jones is an Alumni of the CSU Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics.  She received a Bachelor’s of Science in Agricultural Education with a concentration in Agricultural Literacy while also receiving a dual minor in Agricultural and Resource Economics and Global and Environmental Sustainability.

Aubriel grew up on an Organic Farm in Western Nebraska. While at CSU, she served as an Agricultural Ambassador for the College of Agricultural Sciences, worked with the Extension Office in their communications and outreach department, and was a peer advisor for DARE students.

She started working for the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union in 2016 as their Field Outreach and Membership Coordinator. The Rocky Mountain Farmers Union is a progressive grassroots organization that stretches across the states of Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. Through the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, Aubriel worked with farmers and ranchers, Ag industry leaders, and commodity groups to move policy and legislation.  She also helped with event planning, community development, cooperative systems, education and outreach through workshops, forums, and leadership programs.

Aubriel’s door is always open and she is passionate about helping students navigate their education and career goals. She wants to help students apply their interests and passions toward their college experience. With her background and knowledge in programs offered through CSU and the Ag industry, she aims to support professional development while connecting students to Ag leaders, businesses, and organizations for future opportunities.

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