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Agricultural & Resource Economics

Improve the societal well-being of the people of Colorado and beyond by creating and sharing tools and information aimed to solve economic, managerial, educational, and policy related problems within the agri-food and resource systems

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By ktykath | March 30, 2020

As Coronavirus Ravages Businesses, Small Farms and Independent Restaurants Rally for Economic Relief

By ktykath | March 30, 2020

The fate of the industries are inextricably linked. Will the government bail out airlines and Big Food over small food businesses, farms, and workers?

Civil Eats: Exploring a Decade of Big Changes in Local Food

By ktykath | November 19, 2019

From farmers’ markets to meal delivery services, people seeking a connection to food grown close to home have countless options. Four experts weigh in on the forces shaping local food… Dawn Thilmany: It really has evolved quite a bit…


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