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Improve the societal well-being of the people of Colorado and beyond by creating and sharing tools and information aimed to solve economic, managerial, educational, and policy related problems within the agri-food and resource systems

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Amanda Countryman discusses trade issue in Vietnam on Vietnamese National Television.

Amanda M. Countryman, associate professor of Agricultural Economics at Colorado State University, discusses trade issue in Vietnam on Vietnamese National Television (1:10).

InTERFEWS Graduate Program

The Interdisciplinary Training, Education and Research in Food-Energy-Water Systems (InTERFEWS) Program brings together PhD students from traditionally disparate disciplines to conduct research on key problems in the FEW nexus with a focus on water-scarce, arid regions.

DARE MS Graduates Collaborate at Global Symposium, Nairobi

The Economics of Ecosystems & Biodiversity for Agriculture and Food Evaluation Framework is intended to improve assessment of costs and benefits of “eco-agri-food” systems in order to achieve positive outcomes for farmers and consumers as well as for biodiversity and ecosystem services.


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