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Agricultural & Resource Economics

Improve the societal well-being of the people of Colorado and beyond by creating and sharing tools and information aimed to solve economic, managerial, educational, and policy related problems within the agri-food and resource systems

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CSU report uses cell phone data to detail Coloradans ‘mobility patterns’ during COVID-19

A new report by Colorado public health scientists uses cell phone data to show how residents’ traveling behaviors have changed since the novel coronavirus made its way to the state, and how social distancing helped reduce the spread of the virus.

CONGRATULATIONS to Our 2020 Graduates!!

Please follow this story to join us in celebrating our 2020 graduates on their outstanding achievement.

Food systems experts to study Denver supply chain impacts from COVID-19

Social distancing measures, including shutdowns of schools and restaurants during COVID-19, have caused major shifts in how American municipalities, institutions and families get their food. This new reality is very much on the minds of food systems researchers at Colorado State University, who for the last three years have been conducting a study on food policy…

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