Dr. Dawn Thilmany

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Professor – Outreach Coordinator
Extension Economist-Labor & Agribusiness Management

Ph.D.: University of California, Davis

B325 Clark Bldg.

(970) 491-7220


Research Interests:

My research and outreach programs focus on the firm, community and sector-level implications of local, organic and other value-added food differentiation. Recent projects on Colorado apples, bison, wine and agritourism were all helpful in illustrating the motivations and values of consumers, as well as the potential economic contributions and welfare implications of Colorado producers addressing different consumer segments.

In partnership with the Colorado Department of Agriculture, we have continued to explore new marketing strategies, including Colorado Proud programming, Colorado MarketMaker, use of social media and provided training on a variety of these topics. Through Value-Added grants, industry sponsored research and USDA NRI funding, we have completed consumer analyses for natural meats, fresh produce, local wines, agritourism and a variety of foods. Finally, through a Western region partnership, we are doing Building Farmer short courses throughout Colorado and the Intermountain region, which draws on our research on direct markets, and extends that to provide business planning skills targeted at farm, ranch and food operations in that sector.


AREC 308 – Agricultural Finance-Online
AREC 310 – Agricultural Marketing
AREC 325 – Personnel Management in Agriculture
AREC 328 – Small Agribusiness Management
AREC 408 – Agricultural Finance
AREC 408 – Agricultural Finance-Online
AREC 428 – Agribusiness Management
AREC 508 – Agricultural Finance
AREC 530 – Agricultural Marketing, Performance and Consumer Demand
AREC 792A – Advanced Agricultural Economics

Selected Publications, Presentations and Projects:

Peer Reviewed Works

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Selected Papers and Outreach Presentations

Thilmany, McFadden, D. Economic Contributions from a More Localized Food Systems. Coordinator and Moderator. CENET Organized Symposium proposed for 2011 AAEA Annual meetings. Pittsburgh, PA.

Gunter, A., D. Thilmany McFadden and M. Sullins. “Farm to School: Tools to Assess and Evaluate Impacts on Producers and Regions.” Paper presented in Symposium Economic Contributions from a More Localized Food Systems. 2011 AAEA Annual meetings. Pittsburgh, PA.

Thilmany McFadden, D. “Local Food, Organics and Sustainability.” Paper presented in Symposium, The Federal Policy Role In Today\’s Food and Agricultural Markets. 2011 AAEA Annual meetings. Pittsburgh, PA.

Thilmany McFadden, D. “Colorado’s Green, Ag and Processing Industry Employment: Trends and importance to the State.” Invited presentation to the 2011 UC-Davis Immigration Conference. May 2011. Washington, DC.

Thilmany McFadden, D. “Consumer demand and marketing outlets for pasture based livestock products.” Invited paper in session, “Green” Grazing for Enhancing Food and the Environment. America-Soil Science Society of America Annual Meetings. November 2010. Long Beach, CA.

Thilmany, D. “Economic and Policy implications of GMO crops in Sustainable Ag Systems.” Panel member on Boulder County Park and Open Spaces Sustainable Ag Forum panel. November 2010. Longmont CO. 85 in attendance.

Thilmany McFadden, D. “Participatory Food Assessments: Integrating Diverse Perspectives and Building Local Leadership.” Organized session for the 2010 Community Food Security Coalition Annual Meeting. October 2010. New Orleans, LA. (with Wendy Moschetti and Cindy Torres).

Thilmany McFadden, D. “Comparison of Efforts to Establish Local and Regional Food Systems”, as part of the session “Making Local and Regional Food Systems Successful.” With USDA Rural Development. 2010 AAEA Annual Meetings. Denver, CO.

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Industry and Education Materials

Thilmany, D. and L. Hoffman. “Northern Colorado Food Assessment: Final Report.” March 2011. Available online at: http://www.larimer.org/foodassessment/report.cfm

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Base Appointment:

Resident Instruction, Research, and Outreach